SimpleCalendar 3.x validation key (Code: sclk)

SimpleCalendar 3.x validation key
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The validation key removes the copyright link at the bottom of all frontend pages and in the admin backend. Please note that it does NOT unlock any new feature, because ALL features are available in the free version - it just removes the footer (in frontend) and the red status bar in the backend.

Please provide your domain name in the box below. The license key will be tied to your site URL. Should you need a validation key for a subdomain, or if you have multiple domains, please contact us and we will sort out a solution. The domain name is the part that usually follows www. For example, www.abcdefg.hi, the domain would be "abcdefg.hi" (without the "www"). This allows the key to be used on all subdomains (including "www").

Please allow 2 to 6 hours for the domain key to be activated and sent by e-mail to the registered e-mail address. PleaseĀ contact us with your transaction details should you not receive the license key after more than one working day, monday to friday.

Due to the nature of this purchase, please note that a refund is not possible. Follow the above instructions with care and contact us prior to purchase if questions arise.

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Price: 19.90 EUR
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