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Hi Fabrizio,

Not sure at all it is due to SIMPLECALENDAR : when creating an event entry, selecting a date render an error: the date is always one day before after saving the entry. Eg, if I select 01-09-2013, the event is saved with the day before, that is 31-08-2013.

The only solution found for now is... selecting one day ahead (= 02-09-2013 to have 01-09-2013 when the event is saved). The problem is the same for start and end date. And the same too from backoffice and from frontend.

Global configuration (Joomla 3.1.5) :
- Timezone : UTC (tried: Paris, France, where I am, and Montreal, Canada, where is the server, but that did not fix the problem).

SimpleCalendar configuration (SimpleCalendar 3.0.6) :
- Date format for Backend: d F Y
- Short date format: d-m
- Long date format: D d-m-Y
- Hour format: H:i
- Day format: 24 h

Have you got an idea or the origin of this problem?

Notice: No problem of this kind is observed with a Joomla 1.5 "old" site on the same server.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


PS : I can't find a changelog of SimpleCalendar. Is there one? (Unable to see what is changed, for example, from v 3.0.6 t 3.0.8).

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