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4 years 8 months ago #87 by tbs57
tbs57 created the topic: Category permission

I noticed a difference when setting up category permissions in SimpleCalendar compare to others components.
Create / Delete / Edit / Edit State / Edit own exists on, let's say, all components, but in SimpleCalendar "Edit Own" is missing.
Unfortunatly, this "Edit Own" is for me something important.
Why? When you create user group, and Events categories (basically, 1 users group for 1 events category), only a precise group of user can edit a precise category of events and nothing else, he can even not see other category for editing. So a new group of users can be taken from "Registered" based group, and by default he can not do many things (and that is good)
Here, because this "Edit own" is missing, you have to create group at least Author based and, by the fact, he has access to all categories.
To sum up the all thing, the logical way to managed "Content / Categories" and "Events /Category" should be the same, and this is not, because of this "Edit Own" that is missing in SimpleCalendar.

Is it planed to put this field in SimpleCalendar ?

Thanks a lot.

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4 years 7 months ago #93 by admin
admin replied the topic: Category permission
Looks like there's something missing on my part, will look into it ASAP.


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