SimpleCalendar 3.1.4 released - breaking changes

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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #810 by admin
admin created the topic: SimpleCalendar 3.1.4 released - breaking changes
SimpleCalendar 3.1.4 was just released and it introduces one possibly breaking change from previous versions.
Most switches and settings previously found under "SimpleCalendar > Settings" have now been moved to the Event List menu items (where they actually belong). It is possible that, if you don't save both Settings and Menu items the event views don't display as you'd like. So be sure to enter both SimpleCalendar Settings (and save) and Menu items where you have SimpleCalendar event list views (and save) in order to have all the parameters in the correct spots.
Due to the nature of these parameters (not saved in a DB table but merged with all the parameters in a (very) long string column), you will most likely loose the formatting of the columns, and other settings - be sure to check what settings you had *before* you upgrade and re-set all the values to what you'd like to have after the upgrade.
The enhanced flexibility provided by this change largely outweighs the small nuisance that comes from having to re-set the values (you need to re-set them only once for each Event List view on your site): it will now be possible to have several Event lists with different layouts.
Just a word of caution when upgrading from any version to 3.1.4.
Best regards
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