Our hope to release a new version of SimpleCalendar is approaching fast as we released the third public BETA version of the next iteration of everyone's favourite simple event management component. Feedback from early adopters are welcome in the Forum, where you'll find the BETA version ready to download and install (on non-productive sites for now, but looks like we're close to production-level quality).

We are aiming for a mid to late june release, so your help in squashing the last issues is very much appreciated. As usual, our translation teams can use our Transifex page to update the translations, which will eventually make it in the final product. 

And here the compulsory reminder: SimpleCalendar is "free" as in "speech" and "beer" (literally), but we will appreciate your help in development by registering a validation key for your site / domain, or another form of support of your choice (including pizza. And beer, of course). Many many thanks in advance.