SimpleCalendar 3.1.0 has been in the works for some time now, but - as most of you are aware - it is not an easy job to maintain a balance between work, family, hobbies and sport, so it got behind schedule fairly often. In the last months we tried to work on it more, but still not at an acceptable rate. It will be this way for the upcoming months as well, but we set our goal on working at least periodically in order to bring it up to the next level.

Today we release the Module and the Countdown module for 3.1.0. Both are fully compatible with your current version of SimpleCalendar (3.0.10 or 3.0.11).

SimpleCalendar 3.1.0 will be released in the upcoming weeks, while we work on full compatibility with the latest Joomla version as well as some rather heavy bugsfixing. Thanks for your loyalty and keep visiting this page or the support forum for the latest information about the release.