Summer broke out (rather suddenly, at least in this part of the world) and now it's time to enjoy it - our favourite time of the year! Development will eventually slow down a little (with SC 3.0.6 due to be released this sunday, many bug fixes and with the much-anticipated plugin for the excellent Attachments component), to resume at full steam by the end of August.

Enjoy your SimpleCalendar without any links and get yourself the Validation Key right now. Please insert coupon code "scsummer2013" and save 30% instantly! Validation key removes all links to this site in the frontend, as well as the red bar in the admin backend (no added functions, all functions are already inside SimpleCalendar!!), and helps saying "thank you" for our work, our effort into providing you with quality open-source (and free, as in beer and speech) software and answering to forum inquiries, etc. Many thanks in advance from our team.