The day has arrived - we're both happy and proud to report that the brand-new SimpleCalendar 3.0 is out!

SimpleCalendar for Joomla 1.5 was a tremendous success story: with more than 40'000 unique downloads in about 2 years, SimpleCalendar was appreciated by a lot of users and used in a variety of websites. When Joomla 1.6 came out, time and motiation constraints kept us from upgrading this component to the latest  Joomla version. On came Joomla 2.5, same story. Here we are now with Joomla 3.0 (and 3.1) as our main engine, working our way towards the next Joomla LTS (long-time support) version, which will be 3.5 in about 3 to 4 months' time.

While most of the underlying has been written from scratch, SimpleCalendar retains its unique features that made it an immediate success among the Joomla community: its "simple"! While that may seem unrealistic, lots of Event Management components have grown to become huge and unmanageable beasts. SimpleCalendar doesn't want to compete with more powerful (and complicated) products, but still provide its unique set of features that enables you to display, in a rather easy and straight-forward way, events on your website. SimpleCalendar 3.0 makes full use of the core improvements in Joomla, like fluid design: you'll love it!

Support is provided in our brand new forum which is now free for anyone to join.

There are - probably - features that are lacking in SimpleCalendar. Like recurring events, nested categories, event signup, etc. While we strive to provide you with the most complete package, we have had to make choices as to including or excluding certain features. We believe that SimpleCalendar is the most easy way to publish events. You can always post a feature request on the Suggestion Box area of our forum. We will pick it up from there and should we find it interesting, it will be added to this ever-growing product.

Translations are now handled through the excellent Transifex online translation tool! It is open to anyone to add a request for a new language and start working on it as soon as it is approved - all translated languages will be added to the release of SimpleCalendar, or be packaged into a language package that can be installed separately. Many thanks to those who already worked on some translations, and to those who will jump aboard the ship in the future.

It is important to underline that SimpleCalendar is provided to you free of charge, and by "free" we mean the same as in "beer" *and* "speech"! No hidden links, no advertisements except for the small "Powered by SimpleCalendar" that appears, in a rather unobstrusive way, at the bottom of every page. By clicking there, you drive your visitors to my site and I can make a small income out of the clicks on the AdSense banners on this page, or the Donations box. Should it bother you, the GPLv3 licence gives you the freedom to alter the display files and remove the text as you like (and change other things, as well). And, as of this version, you can now buy a "validation key" that hides this text on any and all pages - another fine way to say "thank you" for this product.

We really hope you enjoy our product and look forward to hearing your comments, both in our forum and on the Joomla Extension Directory's website. Many thanks for your feedback!