Our hope to release a new version of SimpleCalendar is approaching fast as we released the third public BETA version of the next iteration of everyone's favourite simple event management component. Feedback from early adopters are welcome in the Forum, where you'll find the BETA version ready to download and install (on non-productive sites for now, but looks like we're close to production-level quality).

We are aiming for a mid to late june release, so your help in squashing the last issues is very much appreciated. As usual, our translation teams can use our Transifex page to update the translations, which will eventually make it in the final product. 

And here the compulsory reminder: SimpleCalendar is "free" as in "speech" and "beer" (literally), but we will appreciate your help in development by registering a validation key for your site / domain, or another form of support of your choice (including pizza. And beer, of course). Many many thanks in advance.

SimpleCalendar 3.1.0 has been in the works for some time now, but - as most of you are aware - it is not an easy job to maintain a balance between work, family, hobbies and sport, so it got behind schedule fairly often. In the last months we tried to work on it more, but still not at an acceptable rate. It will be this way for the upcoming months as well, but we set our goal on working at least periodically in order to bring it up to the next level.

Today we release the Module and the Countdown module for 3.1.0. Both are fully compatible with your current version of SimpleCalendar (3.0.10 or 3.0.11).

SimpleCalendar 3.1.0 will be released in the upcoming weeks, while we work on full compatibility with the latest Joomla version as well as some rather heavy bugsfixing. Thanks for your loyalty and keep visiting this page or the support forum for the latest information about the release.

The excellent Attachments component, developed by Jonathan Cameron and available as a free GPL download, has established itself as a standard in handling attachments to Joomla articles. The framework created for it allows also third-party components to benefit from this feature; we developed and are happy to announce the release of Attachments for SimpleCalendar 3.0, immediately available in our download area.

SimpleCalendar version 3.0.6 has been released and is now available for download. Should fix some bugs in the admin backend, as well as CSS display in the frontend. A new release for the SC Module is also available (better sorting of events). Enjoy and don't forget to say thank you should you appreciate what's being offered here ;)

Summer broke out (rather suddenly, at least in this part of the world) and now it's time to enjoy it - our favourite time of the year! Development will eventually slow down a little (with SC 3.0.6 due to be released this sunday, many bug fixes and with the much-anticipated plugin for the excellent Attachments component), to resume at full steam by the end of August.

Enjoy your SimpleCalendar without any links and get yourself the Validation Key right now. Please insert coupon code "scsummer2013" and save 30% instantly! Validation key removes all links to this site in the frontend, as well as the red bar in the admin backend (no added functions, all functions are already inside SimpleCalendar!!), and helps saying "thank you" for our work, our effort into providing you with quality open-source (and free, as in beer and speech) software and answering to forum inquiries, etc. Many thanks in advance from our team.