It seems that this may be the right time now. I am finalizing the first draft for a Joomla 3.x version of SimpleCalendar. Sorry to all who wrote (and to whom I didn't write back, as I had no news until recently). I am speeding towards a pre-release version of the component (without some of the features of the previous version being available, but for you to test out - I hope to make it by the end of this month (April '13, that is...). Features initially missing will be frontend add/edit, vCal/iCal integration (while I hope to sort out an issue there) and probably some minor layout-related issues. And of course translations.

SimpleCalendar 3.0 will be a brand new component that has little in common with its predecessor. And, above all, it will not automatically migrate from the old version to the new one. I rewrote many parts, corrected a lot of inconsistencies in naming and coding, removed unneccessary tables/functions and cleaned the code up a bit. This should make future updates easier.

On the other hand, I won't be following the SimpleMembership component anymore. If anyone wants to pick it up and continue it on his/her own, I'd be more than happy to provide full source code (it's J1.5).

Site should be up and running with a limited set of features again, but the forum stays closed at the moment until I find the time to clean it up from the mess made by so many attack attempts (I seem to be rather popular with spammers, and still I don't know why). Thanks for you patience and "a presto"!