One of my customers of my full-time job needed a specific module that would allow him to track the number of submissions for an important petition he started in Switzerland. His site is using the excellent ChronoForms tool, but a quick glance at Google didn't show up anything specific to the task, so I decided to help him out by writing a custom module that counts the records submitted so far, along with a target value they are trying to reach. I went a little bit further than that and enabled, along with the "simple" counter view, also a Progess Bar view that visualizes the progress made by his petition with respect to the goal they set.

You can read all about this new module in the Download section of our site. Feel free to download it and use it as well as report any issues or requests in our Support forum.

PS: Work on SimpleCalendar 3.1 is going forward and I'm currently testing Joomla 3.5 compatibility in different PHP versions. Will take some more time, time that I hadn't anticipated, but I'm confident we're not far off.

It's christmas time and here at SimpleCalendar HQ we are working hard towards a release of the next version. It won't be long, hopefully, until the new version sees the light, we are trying to squash out as much bugs as possible and provide you with a solution you can work with.

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Remember that you can always bring your suggestions to our attention through our support forum, or other concerns through our contact form (for everything that's not a technical issue). We'd love to hear from you!

We are happy to report that we are releasing a new version for SimpleCalendar (version 3.0.9) and for the Attachment plugin. It resolves an issue where, in some cases, SimpleCalendar and the attachment plugin threw an error when in a category view. We have since removed the category attachment and it is now possible to attach documents only to Events. Attachments is a third-party component and is needed in order for the plugin to work.

Another milestone is that it is now possible to display sub-categories in the event list view and/or the description of available Subcategories for the current category. Category view is now corrected after a nasty bug. Both options are settings- and menu-based.

Please download both new files from the link at the top right.

As always, you are more than welcome to join the discussion around SimpleCalendar in its dedicated forum.