After some testing we can affirm that SimpleCalendar is compatible with the newest Joomla release, 3.6.0. Our latest version, 3.1.4 just hit the download section (although you need to make sure to read our post about a breaking change that might affect your event list layouts) was already tested on 3.6 beta and further testing on J3.6 final showed no particular problems. If you incur in a bug, be sure to let us know.

Meanwhile work is in progress to adapt the frontend event entry form to the latest design standards. We will drop the previously used twofold form definition (one for the front-, one for the backend) to a single form definition file, a change that might give some headaches to the translation team - sorry in advance for that! The main advantage will be that the layout can be streamlined between front- and backend, and translations made on one side might be preserved also for the other side. All while cleaning up as much code as necessary, for a more professional look-and-feel.

We also found a bug in our newly introduced Export function, which has already been patched and will be available with the next version. SimpleCalendar 3.1.5 is expected to be released early next week.

Have a great weekend, don't forget about the promotion 20% OFF our validation key valid throughout this month - a great way to say "thank you" ;)

It's holiday season in Switzerland and the hot days over here make us enjoy time off the keyboard. A couple of good news for you guys:

  • 3.1.1 is about to hit the download section with some improvements, mostly community-driven inputs and bug fixes of the first release.
  • In order to give back to the community, there's a 20% OFF coupon code valid from now until July 31st, 2016: punch in summer16 in the discount box at checkout to get 20% off the regular price for the validation key for SimpleCalendar!
  • As usual, hit the forum should something seem out of place, or if you have a question about SimpleCalendar; please notice that answers may come later than usual due to the holidays of our staff.

Best regards and have a great summer!


Finally it is here: after a loooong wait (thanks for the patience!), we just released SimpleCalendar version 3.1.0 final for everyone to enjoy. It's not a huge change from 3.0.x, mainly bugfixes and stability improvements. We hope you like it.

As usual, you can download it from our Download section and install it over your existing SimpleCalendar installation. It is tested with the latest Joomla build, as well as PHP versions 5.5 and 7.0.

If you need assistance or would like to report a problem, please head over to the support forum where your questions will be answered in a hopefully timely fashion. Please note that we will be closed from June 18th to July 9th for summer holidays, although the forum will be checked from time to time.

We sure hope you will appreciate the efforts we put into SimpleCalendar 3.1.0 and if you do, please consider buying a Validation key for your domain, or consider other support options - we thank you very much in advance.